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Situated on Currumbin Creek and outlined by the Gold Coast Highway, Tarrabora Reserve is used for recreational purposes by many residents and offer a range of walking trails throughout. The reserve also provides a visual buffer and a refuge for wildlife, particularly birds and reptiles. This site is made up of a number of communities including important saltmarsh vegetation that supports a range of birds, dunal systems and banksia woodland.

During the 1960’s and 70’s a plan to build a marina, hotel and housing estate were on the cards for Tarrabora. A small group of locals set up a committee known as “The Currumbin Estuary Protection Committee” to campaign against the proposed development. In February of 1980 a packed crowd met at the now demolished Palm Beach Bowls Club to confront the government over the development. It was then the government realised they were outnumbered and withdraw their support for the controversial development.

Tarrabora Reserve was proclaimed a reserve for environmental and recreational purposes in 1980 after a long hard campaign by local residents to save the area from development. The Currumbin Estuary Protection Committee changed it’s name to Friends of Currumbin and has carried out a role of protecting the Currumbin area. The official Tarrabora Bushcare group was formed in March of 1999 and continue works within the Beaches to Bushland program with the reserve also being managed by the Natural Areas Management Unit. On Saturday the 9th of April Tarrabora Bushcare Group, Friends of Currumbin, GECKO and the Natural Areas Management Unit hosted a 30th anniversary celebration which included displays, keynote speakers and tree planting.

For information please email info@friendsofcurrumbin.com
Post:PO Box 339, Currumbin Qld 4223